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SPECI BOXER 017/3367 Recycled cotton


SPECI, short-legged underpants, wash 40 degree

mat: CO29%, CMD29%,re-CLY39%, EL3, black

Choose the correct size according to your waist measurement (cm):

Waist (cm) = Manufacturer size:

83,0 cm = 1XL

86,0 cm = 2XL

92,0 cm = 3XL

97,0 cm = 4XL

107,0 cm = 5XL

109,0 cm = 6XL

Leg length in every size is at least 15 cm.

Size=Leg opening (cm): 1XL=55 / 2XL=59 / 3XL=65 / 4XL=66,5 / 5XL=70,5 / 6XL=75,5

Orneule describes the material: Descending elastane single, of which 39% is REFIBRA Tencel fiber. REFIBRA uses cotton waste from the textile industry, which is recycled to make Tencel fiber. Tencel`s manufacturing is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly compared to traditional viscose fiber manufacturing. 

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6 - 6 of 6 results

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