WASH'GO Work Sandals


Model NC_WG3AP22

Inside length / Size

28,6 cm = 43

28,8 cm = 44

29,5 cm = 45

30,4 cm = 46

Material: leather Lining: textile Color: light pink

Removable insole 




Its construction system ensures great flexibility from the first day. Its last is suited to your feet: it has a base that allows them to maintain an anatomically correct posture and has enough room for your toes.


Wash'go clogs are anti-slip, anti-static, certified and marked CE. Available with safety strap for greater foot stability.


Wash'GO clogs are machine washable with you dark clothes. They lose neither colour nor flexibility and the leather does not become dry or stiff. Its removable microfiber insole has great durability and will not become dark or dried out.


Of attractive and modern design, Wash'go clogs are available in a captivating and varied range of colours, so you can enjoy it throughout your work day.


Despite the wash'go innovation - leather shoes that can be washed without falling apart or deteriorating - the technology used allows a great durability.

To wash your clogs:

  1. Remove the insoles;
  2. Introduce the shaper (plastic piece inside your clogs);
  3. Wash the clogs and the insoles with your dark clothes;
  4. Remove the sharper to dry and set aside for the next use;
  5. Dry away from direct sunlight or heat sources;
  6. You can apply a natural wax to protect the leather;
  7. Do not use liquid polish with sponge applicator; 
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